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Tym says

An underrated and superior film version with a good heart and sly fun.

Ciaran says

Held together by solid re-imagining and solid acting. Engaging.

"Gee Whiskers!"

Little Orphan Annie's true relevence lay in being disenfrashised by poverty, and her character and compassion gave the human dimension to that class struggle. The comic strip's main flaw was her continued salvation via the deus ex machina of capitalism, instead of simply by her own ethics and agency.

This remake recontextualizes the 1977 stageplay (and elements of the 1982 film) into the modern day and, despite being dismissed, is actually better crafted than the first film. The pace is breezier, the songs laced more naturally into the environments, the story is more coherent and concise, and the wittier dialogue consistently churns chuckles with some sly edge. All of the players have decent voices, but Jamie Foxx steals it with his fine and supple soul renditions. Ultimately, Annie's charm comes from instilling compassion, and this underrated film brings that timeless message across very well.