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Darren says

Snyder again relies on his visual style to carry the movie, borrows heavily from some great material, but in the end it's hollow and soulless.

Tym says

Wonder Woman is perfect, and the other 95% is a literal disaster area.

Ciaran says

What I loved in it was a 9, what I hated was a 1.

After insulting us with Man Of Steel (2013), Zack Snyder does wrong wronger.

A mature creator will learn from constructive criticism to make stronger work. But an egobrat will instead just kneejerk obnoxiously for as long as they can get away with it. So here we are.

This film is a shockingly tone-deaf rip of Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" #4 (1986), done out of context with belligerant fury. Snyder wastes a small nation's GNP just to make a bad Arkham Asylum video game with even more dumb carnage in grey ruins. It is a supercut of stupid cruelty and illogical chaos. Forcing our heroes to hurt each other is just cynical sadism for dollars, and the aggro anger driving this is so toxic that its makers seriously deserve an intervention.

This film is like watching your parents fight for three hours... and being charged for it. It leaves you sad and raw in the lowest way.

Zack... you're doing it wrong. DC heroes are luminous gods with noble hearts, our ethical avatars united in wondrous adventures. They are the original pantheon and the highest standard. For 75 years, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have inspired real hope in this world, as much so as any living leader. They are the New Gods within us. They are the light that drives away the darkness. If you're not inspired by them to convey that positive vision, then you are the wrong person for the job. The characters and the fans deserve better.

To be fair, for 5% of the film, you actually reflect this with Wonder Woman. This brief ray of light in the maelstrom illuminates the proper path.

The fuller antidote to this marathon mistake is its rival, Captain America 3: Civil War (2016). By making a mature film with a coherent structure, emotional depth, and an underlying moral sense, Marvel Studios' respect for the characters and fans is why they are succeeding where DC's perversely cynical films are losing.

It's not too late, DC. Come back from the Dark Side... before you become Darkseid.