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Darren says

This is a hot mess. While some elements probably sounded like a great idea, the end product is a stilted, cardboard cutout mess.

Ciaran says

How did adding the Night Stalkers make this franchise worse?

The final installment of the Blade series appoints the scribe of the first two movies, David S. Goyer, in the director’s chair. This was rumored to have been an issue with Snipes, who made the film set difficult to work in from many aspects, and it shows through in the film’s execution.

Blade is matched up with two new accomplices, played by Ryan Reynolds as King, and Jessica Biel as Whistler’s daughter, Abigail. Together, they must face the latest vampire threat, Drake, the original source of vampirism.

Unfortunately, the movies suffers from some pacing problems, and over the top performances by many of the actors, including Parker Posey’s laughable foe.

It’s an unfortunate end to the trilogy, with the movie plagued by problems from the outset and becoming a below average, badly executed mess.