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Darren says

Ryan Reynolds inhabits the role he was meant to play, in a full tilt, no holds barred tour de force.

Ciaran says

Best comic book costume onscreen since Superman. Entertaining, captures the character perfectly, the passion shows in the production.

Cobbled by Rob Liefeld and Fabien Nicieza initially out of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Deathstroke, The Merc With A Mouth became the Ambush Bug of Marvel, a fourth-wall-breaking and ballbusting wiseass. Despite (or actually, directly in spite of) a disastrously awry take in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2010), Ryan Reynolds returned the character to form and shocking financial success with this R-rated film.

-Tym Stevens


Finally, a perfect role for Ryan Reynolds, who has kind of been embodying this character in many other films. 

Borne from a 'leaked' highway battle sequence video, Deadpool borrows heavily from it and brings a ton of comedic violence to play in a fresh, fun way. The character breaks the fourth wall, harpoons the studio and it's own limitations, and captures the character pitch perfectly. Freed from the PG-13 rating, the movie goes wild with sexual references, bone-sawing violence, and irreverance.

Character wise, it feels fully realized, and at the hands of it's deft writing crew, creates a believable romance between Reynolds and Morena Baccarin. It also brings a full on Russian Colossus to bear in the film, more accurate than previous incarnations, as well as the new mutant Negasonic Teenage Warhead (no, really). It flows well throught the storyline and is consistently funny throughout.

Tim Miller handles the material incredibly well, having built a career on video game trailers and being accustomed to highlighting frenetic action with original action sequences.