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Tym says

A decent take on the character for basic fun.

Writer Tiziano Sclavi and Artist Claudio Villa created this paranormal investigator for giallo horror comics in 1986. His likeness was based on actor Rupert Everett, who later portrayed a loose parallel of the character in Dellamorte Dellamore/ Cemetary Man (1994). The indifferent cynic, scorning moolah while chasing romance, is offset in his gothic adventures by surreal antics and a Groucho-clone sidekick, making him a perennial bestseller in Italy.

Like Constantine (2005), the film is an Elseworlds take that transplants the locale and alters some of the details, while still doing an admirable job of retaining the intrensic basics. The moodishly stylish film allows graphix-film vet Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, Scott Pilgrim, 'Legends Of Tomorrow') to balance noir with humor for a generally fun and entertaining ride. It missed at the box office, but was quickly followed by the marked similar but unrelated 'Grimm' TV series (starring a Routh-lookalike) which ran for six seasons.