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Darren says

I love Jennifer Garner, and the character, but this movie strays far from the source material to deliver an uninspired, bland romp.

Tym says

This is a pretty okay Hong Kong action film that should've changed its name.

Elektra, Daredevil (Matt Murdock)’s first true love, tainted by early tragedy, is the story of redemption. From vengeance driven assassin to hero, her story is a parallel of the razor-thin moral line Daredevil continually walks and what he could have become. Like Batman’s Catwoman, she is his equal, sometimes his better and blurs the lines between friend, lover and foe.

Miller’s classic run in early Daredevil from #168 – 181 defines a standout character and love interest for Matt Murdock/Daredevil, in a satisfying, intense, emotional story arc. Later, coupled with Sienkewicz’s Elektra Assassin, and Elektra Lives Again with Lynn Varley follows her rise, fall and rebirth.

Jennifer Garner tries her best with the material at hand but it can’t save the picture. Given the character’s pedigree from Miller’s exemplary run in the 80’s-90’s, this character deserves a much better rendition than it received. The studio learns nothing from the tepid reception Daredevil got, and instead, bastardizes some great storylines from the character’s history into this convoluted mess of a movie.