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Darren says

Nick Cage, in a desperate measure to make a few bucks, goes completely over the top in this joke of a film.

Tym says

Too ad-hoc, unfocused, cliched. Another C-Movie with an A-budget.

Ciaran says

The script captures the right beats of the character.

Ghost Rider rides vengeance in all forms.

First inspired by the Cowboy ballad "Ghost Riders In The Sky", the original Ghost Rider (1949) scorched the Western plains on a horse. The success of late '60s Roger Corman biker movies and Easy Rider (1970) ignited the iconic flaming-skulled motorcyclist in 1972, in disputed parentage between editor Roy Thomas, writer Gary Friedrich, and artist Mike Ploog. The 21st century Ghost Rider, in the wake of the Fast Furious films, now melts tarmac in a black muscle car.