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Darren says

A fun movie for RDJ to play in, while it was refreshing to see him fight without the suit, it is relatively empty in it's emotional weight.

Tym says

Muddled; strong action, but should've focused on Pepper over the stray kid.

Ciaran says

Saddled with an impossible task of following the Avengers and a waste of the Mandarin, still a great film.

The third film, like the first, borrows heavily from the "Extremis" storline by writer Warren Ellis and artist Adi Granov (2005), which rebooted Iron Man for the era. (Granov's suit designs were so distinctive that he became a consultant for the films.) When director Jon Favreau bowed out, Robert Downey reunited here with Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) with the intention of a character-based techno-thriller.