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Darren says

Stallone does an admirable attempt at capturing the spirit of the character, but the comedic Schneider is a waste of time in a film that meanders to it's predictable end.

Tym says

I consider Judge Dredd the cancer of comics (the killbot), so this contrarily light SF romp worked for me.

Ciaran says

A failed attempt at bringing a cult hero to life.

The creation of Judge Dredd is a heist, some of it swiped from Orwell and Death Race 2000, more from Logan's Run and Dirty Harry, by a shady crew of accomplices at 2000 A.D. magazine, and pinned mainly on writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra. Straddling the divide between anarcho-punk satire of authoritarian dystopia or an outright anthem of crypto-fascism, it reached its zenith during the Thatcher/Reagan years for both reasons. Along with launching the career of cover artist Brian Bolland, writers like Garth Ellis, Grant Morrison, and Mark Millar cut their teeth on it.