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Darren says

Jim Carrey embodies the character whole-heartedly and is complimented by the over the top nature of the comic and it's cartoon like qualities. Very watchable and fun.

Tym says

Seeing Tex Avery come to life in CG was fun.

Ciaran says

A fantastic light hearted version of an otherwise dark character.

The mask brings out the inner workings of the wearer, but also the creators and their times.

The concept first virused through an ad hoc tumble of creators at the new Dark Horse Comics in the late '80s; a clear riff on The Joker, overamped with the hyperviolence mistaken for edge at the time. By the early '90s film, movie minds plied that putty into slapstick violence for the masses in the vein of Tex Avery and Chuck Jones cartoons, octaned by Jim Carrey channeling Jerry Lewis. Violence makes more bucks with yuks. (See also: Kick-Ass, Deadpool.)