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Darren says

Thomas Jane does his best in the serviceable but predictable movie, which does bring some of Ennis' spirit to it but not enough to gain an edge.

Ciaran says

Taking away the Vietnam story hobbles the intent and spirit of the character.

Psychotic villain or disturbed antihero?

That's been the divider since the beginning. The vigilante made his debut in 1974 (conceived by writer Gerry Conway, designed by John Romita Sr., and drawn by Ross Andru) trying to kill Spider-Man. Similar in look to the '40s hero The Black Terror, and in action to the '30s brutal redeemer The Shadow, he was rebuked by the era's youth (like Dirty Harry and Death Wish) as a retrograde fascist stormtrooper. In the conservative and macho '80s, this was hurrahed as rebel strength, with the rise of Judge Dredd, Rambo, and Cobra. The Punisher now pumped death and sales at a merciless clip, alongside clones like Deadshot, The Vigilante, Deathstroke, Cable, and Deadpool. But the debate remains: is a hero that murders really a hero?