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Darren says

Forgettable, poorly acted and directed, this a sad homage to the character but at least she didn't run around in a chain mail bikini. Perhaps it should have been a comedy.

Ciaran says

Too bad this film stops us from getting Arnold as Conan one more time.

She-Devil With A Sword.

After their whirlwind success adapting Conan, writer Roy Thomas and illustrator Barry Winsor-Smith created his distaff equal during the height of feminism in 1973. Loosely inspired by Robert E. Howard's pirate Red Sonya, their radically new hero fought against/alongside Conan as a rebuke against damsel-ism in the notoriously macho genre (a precursor to the rise of Sword And Sorceress books by women in the '80s). Their initial version of her had the basics, but it was artist Frank Thorne's redesign -with the coin chainmail and massive sword- for her own series that fully defined her for the ages. Repeating fate, the success of the two Conan movies augered the spin-off of Red Sonja into her own film.

Brigitte Nielsen, hot off her modeling career and who would later appear in Beverly Hills Cop II, tries to gives a stern prescence but ultimately cannot help this forgettable movie.