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Darren says

Ultimately forgettable and difficult to reproduce McFarlane's signature style.

Tym says

Image Comics birth was as bad for films as it (initially) was for comics.

Ciaran says

About as good as the source material but did not do the material justice.

Spider-Man + Venom + Ghost Rider = Spawn.

Artist Todd McFarlane and his pirating crew jumped ship from Marvel and parlayed manic fandom and copped concepts into a brief empire launching Image Comics (1992). Led by the amalgam Spawn, they sold boatloads of comics to an aggro crowd dazzled by blizzards of spastic hatch lines on top of shakey figures and thinner characters, a sound and fury that made them rich but quickly collapsed through self-indulgence. Riding the waves parted by the '90s Batman movies came this film adaption.