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Darren says

I'm not even sure how this got made, given the abject failure of Superman III. Terrible writing, Reeve is wasted again in the sad final outing for the franchise.

Ciaran says

And they did. See Superman III.

Sometimes we save ourselves from trauma by blocking all memory of it. Case in point.

This film had a noble idea, of Superman ridding the world of nuclear weapons. Christopher Reeve signed back on because of it, and delivers a rousing speech in the UN scene. But the film is an autopilot affair that has lost the magic and the inspiration of the original two, and even a mugging Gene Hackman can't charm some life into it. By the time the Rambo '80s pounds the disarmament idea into dust as being naive with the arrival of (sigh) Nuclear Man, it's time to leave.

But the signature grace of the the four Superman films was Christopher Reeve, no matter the quality, and we were lucky to have had him redefine the hero so well. All respect given.