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Captain America: Civil War trailer drops. Crowd goes wild!

If you haven't seen it already:

Also, if you haven't watched Captain America: Winter Soldier yet, you should probably do that first. Seeing as you are on this site, my guess is you are caught up and suitably wowed by the level of quality put forth by the Russo brothers. 

There is so much to love about this first showing - a excellent level of action, great looking battle scenes and a sense of heart that pervades every ounce of the trailer. This is culminated in the amazing sequence, pitting Bucky and Cap against Iron Man. I think I've watched this section 20 times. The Russo brothers have an excellent sensibility for action choreography - with speed and an unmatched sense of timing and clarity - truly a joy to witness. 

It taps into the building tension between Downey's fantastic Tony Stark and Evan's Cap, which has been seen quite clearly in both Avengers movies. In fact, it seems the Russos may be delivering a fantastic Avengers movie on their own, with the sheer amount of characters in play.

After their efforts on Winter Soldier, I really look forward to seeing this film, which clearly builds on the solid foundation they have laid out.