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  • Darren Murata

    a comic book fan and collector since he could read, and ever connected to the popular arts, Darren is passionate about all things related to comic book culture and it’s fantastic evolution. Also a huge toy collector and a general nerdist.  

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  • Tym Stevens

    Tym is a painter and graphic artist, and writes the subversive music history blog RockSex. He slaps the high-five to Sci-Fi, art, music, Starstruck comics, books, Funk, equal rights, banana creme pie, constructive comments, and you.
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  • Ciaran McEvoy

    Former Silver Snail comics manager and huge comics fan, there is no one better to debate superhero contests and no better knowledge of essential storylines and comic content.

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  • Kirk Franklin

    Kirk hasn’t really read comic books since he was a small child in the Silver Age, and was a big fan of the classic Adam West BatmanRoad to Perdition introduced him to movies based on comics and graphic novels, and he’s been a fan ever since. Favorites include Iron Man, Sin City, V for Vendetta, and the opening of Watchmen.

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