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Darren says

Del Toro brings a nightmare creature to life - a monster that eats monsters - in a fun piece that enhances the Blade mythos, and brings more of what was built in Blade 1 to fruition.

Tym says

Alright, but not as engaging as the first one.

Ciaran says

Solid follow up. Del Toro makes horror beautiful.

As a follow up to the success of the first Blade movie, Marvel brings on Guillermo del Toro to direct the second film, with a screenplay provided by David Goyer, writer of the first film. It brings in an expanded cast, including a team up with a band of vampire assassins called the bloodpack (featuring Del Toro favorite Ron Perlman) and a very young Norman Reedus.

The film also expands on the vampire mythos put forth in the original film and adds a new enemy – vampire predators called Reapers. This allows Guillermo to demonstrate some of his hallmarks - original, terrifying and well executed creature creation.

The film is kinetic and full of large-scale action sequences, coupled with Guillermo’s sense of horrific style. There are a few shaky CGI action sequences but for the most part, it’s an enjoyable ride with a great extension to the character and a lot of imaginative scenarios. Del Toro excels at setting a lush and lavish set and filling it with interesting character design.