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Darren says

Visually stunning, and comic accurate, it captures the sex and violence of Miller's work to the letter. Whether you would want to read the letter, kind of depends on your tolerance for it.

Tym says

This wins over with pure style. A visual feast with just enough edge and humor.

Ciaran says

This movie is a love letter to Frank Miller, a bold piece of film making.

What's black and white and bled all over?

Frank Miller's experimentalism with form and technique hit zenith with his '90s "SinCity" books: a neo-noir pared down to a black and white contrast so extreme as to be abstract. The hard graphic style framed hardcore graphic violence, naturally narrated in hardboiled deadpan. Isolated moments of a select color, usually red, put visceral emphasis on specific characters. Robert Rodriguez (the El Mariachitrilogy) was such a fan that he co-directed this film adaptation with Miller in an exact shot-for-shot duplication of the series' panels and dialogue.