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Darren says

A product of it's times, it succeed on entertaining young children of the 80s but not much more.

Ciaran says

This movie is the closest to the comic ever done. Very true to the original characters, as one of the 3,000 people who bought it from the beginning.

The Turtles' surf to success is as unlikely as they are likable.

As a lark in 1984, writer Kevin Eastman and artist Peter Laird published an indie parody in cheap b/w of Miller's "Daredevil" and the teen X-team, the New Mutants. The turtles were picked up by a toy figure company, who redefined them with a tie-in cartoon series just to promote the toys. The animated series (1987-1996) exploded into a massive hit, merch bonanza, and generational touchstone. While the X-Men were bigger than The Beatles in the comics market, they were still unknown in a mainstream market where now a low-rent parody of them was an ominpresent juggernaut in every home. Then the success of Batman (1989) unleashed this live-action film, which retained the darker emphasis of the comics that the animated had smoothed out.